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MK11 - Milton Keynes - 21st Jan
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, now it's time to get things moving. We have been spending time in the studio putting things together and we are getting closer and closer every week. As soon as the first song is ready to go we will put it out for you. At the minute it looks like we will release two singles, and then a four track EP later in the year.

We played with Kev Maher over Christmas at Club 85, photos have arrived and it looks like people had a good night.

Next Saturday we are heading to MK11, Kiln Farm in Milton Keynes. We will be playing with Wah Wah Club who are releasing a new single. It should be a great night, come on down.

After that we are back to the studio to get this stuff ready to go. Not long now, I promise!
Happy New Year
Happy new year everyone!

Here is a little taster of what we've been working on in the studio, and also an excuse for me to try and get to grips with video editing!

More to come very soon, keep your eyes peeled, and make sure that you have 'liked' my facebook page.

I hope the hangover isn't too bad.
Merry Christmas
Another year almost over, a relatively uneventful one from me. Behind the scenes however, we have been putting together the next phase. We have six new songs written and partly recorded. We will be releasing a single or two and then an EP a bit later in the year.

Thank you to everyone who came down to Club 85 on Friday, we had a great night. It was the first time we have played most of those songs and they went off without any major dramas. The band hit the ground running and we had a great show. We have a bit of work left to do but we will be booking up some more shows as we move into 2017.


If you want to be sure not to miss anything as we get things moving forward, you can ‘like’ the Facebook page, ‘follow’ the twitter, and all the other business. We are in the process of setting up a mailing list which I will tell you all about as soon as it is ready.


This website will be the base though, all new information will be on here, as well as a definitive list of upcoming shows – starting with MK11 on the 21st Jan!


We hope you have had a lovely Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Rhys x
Club 85, Hitchin - Friday 23rd Dec
This Friday - 23rd Dec - 19:30

Me and my band will be heading back to Club 85 in Hitchin. We've just finished rehearsals and we are ready to present a whole set of new songs.

We still have a bit of work to do in the studio before we can release them to you but you can come and have a sneak peak on Friday.

We will be playing alongside Jordan Bradley, and The Scalleywags.

Sure to be a good night, can't wait to get this show back on the road.
New Website, New Band, New Year

As you can see it has been over a year since I last updated this website. It has been a strange year. The 4th album has been delayed and then scrapped multiple times as I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do.

In January I decided to put together a full time, permanent band for my music. This came about after finding a drummer and realising it could actually be possible. Since then we have been in the rehearsal room writing, rehearsing, and trying to figure out how things are going to come together. I believe we are nearly there, with just a few minor creases to iron out. We have a selection of songs that are written, partly recorded, but pretty much ready to go. `The plan is now to finish those off over the next few months and have something to release to you in the new year. This will of course be accompanied by a stretch of shows, and we can't wait to get out and play for you!

In fact, we have a show at Club 85 in Hitchin on Friday 23rd Dec 2016. We will be playing all of our new songs and a couple of the old ones.

I'm sorry for being quiet for so long but hopefully things will get back on track in January.

As ever, I'll keep you posted

See you at 85!